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Yamcha was first introduced to the Dragon Ball world in the first volume of Dragon Ball manga and the 5th episode of the series but one thing has always remained a secret, his origin.  What I'm trying to do with this game is show how Yamcha became that desert bandit who was always shy around pretty girls and was the master of the Wolf's Fang Fist.  The story begins with Yamcha hanging around his home town until what appears to be a friends betrayal sends him on a quest of his own.

The first part of the game was created by me but since then I have lost interest and passed on the rest of it to another qualified programmer with myself serving as the writer for the story. Hopefully everyone will look past the fact that I'm not working on it anymore and will enjoy this game.

If you need to contact Rob, the person working on it, just             E-mail him.

You'll notice some graphics are from Final Fantasy 3 (6)

Download the Demo for Yamcha's Story right here!

Currently Down

Cilck here to see some stats on Yamcha's Story
Here is the younger and older versions of Yamcha