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Welcome to the Games section. Here is where you'll find all the games I've made. So far there are 8 and more will always be be coming. Click on any of the games elow to learn more about the game including stats and screenshots.

Dragon Ball : Death of a God

A series revolving around the Dragon Ball universe.  Unlike the other games this is a series of shorter games.

Gundam Deathscythe

This is my first anime game not based on Dragon Ball.  It's at a very early stage of devolpment but is progressing quite nicely.

Dragon Ball SS

This is the second game I've ever made and the first I've ever completed. It's pretty good if I do say so myself.

Yamcha's Story

The third game I've started but I have yet to finish it so I handed it off to someone else to work on it.  I'm still contributing by createing the storyline but the actual programming is being done by someone else.


Despite the name and the fact that it's on this site, this game has nothing to do with Dragon Ball. It's the first game I ever made and I don't think I'll ever finish it. Download it if you'd like to see some inexperienced guy's attempt at making a game.

Having trouble with the in game font?  Try getting the patch from here.


You want to help?  If you'd like to be a mirror for any of my games just E-mail me.