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Special Money System
Created by Norwolf (visit site).

  It is a good idea to have a basic knowledge of variables before this tutorial, but it is pretty simple and I will try to describe everything as well as I can.

  Start by making a variable called "coins". That's simple enough, right?

  Now for how to earn the coins. Make a new event on the map someplace, and make it a tree or a rock or anything you wish. Make sure it is at the same level of the hero, and it's a push key event. In the Event Commands area, add a variable (page 1, Change Variable). Make sure the variable is "coins", and check the +, and under Operand click on Set and write in the number for how many coins you want to receive. Then have a message saying, "You gained some coins!"

  Now to show how many coins you have. Make another event, a stone or rock or whatever you want again. Make it the same level as the hero and a Push Key command. In the events box, write a message saying, "You currently have \V[#] coins!" (the \V[#] stands for which variable. Make sure it is the number for the coins variable.)

  Now the hardest part, how to buy items with the coins. Make another event as a picture of a human, and make it same level as hero and a Push Key command. Now insert the following (don't worry, I'll describe it below):

<>Messg:This is the magic shop. What interests you?
<>Show Choice: Potion (5 coins)
  :[Potion (5 coins)] Case
     <>FORK Optn:Varbl[####:coins]-5abov
       <>Messg:There you go, one item.
       <>Add/Remove Item:Potion-> 1 incr.
       <>Variable Ch:[####:coins] - , 5
       <>   :ELSE Case
    <>Messg:Not enough money!
  :END Case
:END Case

1. Write a message.
2. Use the show choice command on page 1. For the first choice, type in Potion (5 coins).
3. Under the Potion case, insert a Fork on page 3. Set it to variable, and select the coins variable. Select Set and set it to 5, and make the select box say above.
4. Write a message.
5. Use Add Item... on page 1. Set it to Add Item, set Fix to Potion, and under Operand set it to 1.
6. Use the Change Variable button on page 1 and select the coins variable. Under set, select -. Under operand, set it to 5.
7. Write a message under the ELSE Case.

  And that's all for one item. To make a second item, just play around with fork conditions and so forth. That's the only way you can learn ; ).