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The Frogger Mini Game Tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As seen in Project Sour Lemon, exclusively available at

Hello, this is Ancient Warrior from Arctic Warfare Productions, ┐wazzup? Anyways, 'Nuff of that |33T speak
time to HaX0R RPGmaker 2000 into letting you make a simple frogger mini game.

Theres a couple of things you should check before proceeding:
1. Have checked and do have RPGMaker 2000 and its RTP package installed on your PC
(If not then stop right there and download them from before proceeding)
2. Have human brain or equally powerful "thinking device" inserted properly in your head
(If you had something better than a human brain you wouldn't be here)
3. Are prepared for random shameless advertising brought to you by Arctic Warfare Productions
(If not then you shouldn't be here, much less exist :) j/k

1.Okay, now your ready. Open RPGMaker 2000 by going to start/programs/rpgmaker 2000, or wherever you specified it to be during its install process.

2.Open your games file, if it does not automatically go to it

3.Create a new map, making it preferably 20 tiles wide by 15 tiles high, turning either vertical scrolling or horizontal scrolling, but not both. Whichever you choose, be sure to keep track of which you chose

4.Now go to the map where you are going to send your "hero" into this map.
a)Create a new event, making the conditionals however necessary for your game.
b)Insert a new event, set screen tone, to R000, G000, B000, S100, 1 second wait
C)Insert if you wish, a new event, set hero walk gfx, and change the hero to whatever, if you want him to be a frog or whatever
D)Finally, insert a new event, Teleport, and designate whatever location you want on the frogger map.
E)Last step, new event, set screen tone, R100 G100 B100 S100, 1 second wait

Your event code shuold look similar to this:
<>Set Screen Tone:(R000,G000,B000,S100),1.0sec(W)
<>Change Hero's Walk Graphic : [Insert your Hero name]-> Crown7-3 Set
<>Teleport: [your map number]:[your map name] (The location you specified)
<>Set Screen Tone:(R100,G100,B100,S100),1.0sec(W)

Now I assume that you placed your hero on the edge of the map, either on the left or right edge or top or bottom edge. If you didnt do this with your teleport event, go back and change it before proceeding

Now in Frogger, you played as a frog, and you tried to hop on logs and lilys, or you tried to avoid cars. If your looking exclusively for the frog jump onto logs and lilies-type minigame then you will have to wait a little while, as Im going to work on that minigame afterwards. I will tell you though, it will be similar to this one, except it will require such things as variables Id imagine, to show correct timing when you jump across the water to the log, and if the player dont do it at the right time than they jump into the water.

Now create some new events, at least 5, and make them at least 1 tile apart, and line them up fairly equal. Now in the event start condition, make it on-touch(Event,Hero), position, over hero, movement type, by its route (then specify the direction its supposed to move once, then make sure the repeat action box is checked. Make all 5 of these events have all the stuff I just mentioned. However, for movement speed, make it 6 (or 4 if you want an easy game, 5 medium) then adjust frenquencys according. 8 frenquency with 6 movement speed is UNCANNY, and EXTREMELY tough, if you think your awesome at frogger play Project Sour Lemon, WHEW its tough! It takes even ME a long time to beat..

anyways, after that, then insert a move event, change graphic, to a "Squished" frog if you wish, then teleport them back to their world with their original graphic, or if they have to beat it, then teleport them to the beginning of the map with the non-squished graphic.after you made these events, make a row of events on the other side that does the exact oposite of the event code that I gave you, where it teleports you back to your world and switches back to your old hero graphic. There you go, you got a frogger game. Now if you feel, do like what I did for PSL and make a savepoint, if its gonna be a tough one that is, or maybe make the hero get in a fight before they get teleported back. You can also reward them for getting over there, and making a timer event and rewarding the hero based on the number of seconds left is also a good idea.

Just remember, this tutorial is on the bare-bones for a frogger-clone, doesnt mean you have to make it specifically by these guidelines, I hope it was a help for you, if not email me at and if my response still don't help you out then I cant do anything else for you, so till next time, play Project Sour Lemon at and visit AWP at and email me if you want to join AWP also. 1