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Welcome to my site! It's focusing on the games I create which mostly revolve around Dragon Ball. Currently I have 7 games on my site but I plan on making a lot more! Keep checking back here because I make updates every other day and you can read about how a game is progressing or on various stats. Make sure to bookmark this page for all the latest news on my games! 
Who am I? You're friendly neighborhood webmaster JGonspy!

March 25, 2004

Small bits of progress made.  Made up a tiny little map so getting around the world will be a little easier.  Really wish I could program one that tracked your poistion but I'm afraid I don't have the time for that.

Sorry to anyone who keeps getting those annoying pop-ups.  I have no idea why this is happening but I'm doing my best to put a stop to it.

March 23, 2004

Didn't miss the update this time!  As for game progress, right now I'm at a standstill trying to figure out a way to present a forest to mountain range trasitition that would be more then just a maze or monster gauntlet.  Any ideas anyone?

March 21, 2004

I really must stop doing this.  No news sadly, so I guess nothing was really missed.

March 17, 2004

Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry.  Missing updates isn't my style as all you mostly know, sometimes things just get ahead of me.  I'm working on making the next area of the game a unique one with a special feature or gimmick if I have to resort to that.  I don't want to fall into any maze clichés.

March 13, 2004

Been busy, really wish I had at least a little bit of time to work on the game but, alas, I haven't been so fortunate.  Sorry all.

March 11, 2004

The site may be packing up and moving out.  Talks are more or less done and it's but anounced.  If I do finally leave Tripod I'll be moving to a palce where ALL my games will be up and bandwidth won't be so bitchy.  I hope to see you all make the move with me.

March 9, 2004

Just not in the mood for any substantial update today.  Sorry, just got some personal concerns I'm looking at right now.

March 7, 2004

Still chugging away on the game.  More animations added as well as a little fine tuning here and there with some monsters.  Nothing big to report really, just letting you all now I'm still working on it...Yeah...Is there something else I wanted to mention?  Uhh, I don't think so...Okay...Bye!

March 5, 2004

Damn boss gives me zero notice for days I gotta work.  Oh well, here's today's very late progress.

March 3, 2004

Wrap up complete, now moving on to the next area of the game.  I still think I'm a ways off from finishing it but the progress I've made in the last two weeks has been really outstanding.  I can't believe I got as much done as I have, especially after weeks of token bits of progress.

In poll related news Kill it! is up by 20% which is too low for me to make a decision.  I'm going to wait until 50 votes or until there's a huge difference, like an 80-20 split.  At least no one cares about what'll happen to the new section!

March 1, 2004

Wow, I got some really great character battle animations and it looks like I'll be getting even more in the future.  I really need to take a screenshot to show you all because they are fantastic.  I've also made a few more skill animations which vary from decent to pretty good, not only that but I went and fixed a huge problem with the monster groups that I somehow didn't notice, read chi strength wasn't working at all!  I've also completely finished the caves so that means I'll be moving on, but still, I get the feeling I'm forgetting something.