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Below are some Basic essentials you'll need if you want to make your own game. Read it all and make sure you understand it all before going on to the next section.

Making a RPG

The first thing you need to decide on is what kind of game you want to make, I usually choose RPGs.  There are lots of great programs out there that you can use to make your own RPG but the one I prefer is RPG Maker 2000 which is a Japanese program made by ASCII.  It's pretty simple so just about anybody can use it without any previous programming experience.  Of course I don't expect any of you to be fluent in Japanese so there's a site which has a translated English version. However, since ASCII has decided to release a domestic version of the program this along with many other sites haven taken it off.  RPG Maker 2003 will soon be released as soon as it is translated and until then this guide will only help those who already have RPG Maker 2000.  The site below still does have some good resources and is great for finding out the latest news on the upcoming release in one of it's rare updates.

The site is fairly simple to navigate so you shouldn't have too many problems, if a link does not work don't E-mail, just talk to the guy who runs the site.  There are two different files you need, the rtp and the program itself so remember to get both of them.  All together it's about 15 MB.  You should read the FAQ on how to install RPG Maker 2000 on to your computer first and when you're finished you may want to get some FAQs and tutorials on how to make the trickier part of RPGs.  You may also want to pick up some graphics and music for your game to make it feel a little more unique.

The more graphics and music the better, you want your game to be very unique but if this is your first one you may want to stick with mainly the ones you get with the RTP. First timers out there need to very patient as it may take some time to learn how to handle using graphics and the system itself.

Making a Basic Game

Let me start off by saying I have never made a game using the following program. In fact, I only installed it on my computer for a few days before I deleted it.  Now don't go thinking it sucks, it's actually pretty good if you aren't really looking to make an RPG.  It uses simple drag and drop style programming and some of the games I played that were made using it were quite good.  There are also lots of little tools you can use to make it a little more unique like a background maker and and a GIF maker (to create moving characters).  If you're interested click on the link below:

If you decide to make a game using this program DO NOT E-mail me asking for help.  I don't know how to use it very well, I'm putting it here for those who do not want to make an RPG.  There will be no more information about this game maker on this site aside from this tiny section.

Making a Shooter

Here's another great program made by the great folks at ASCII who made RPG Maker.  I have no experience with this either so you're on your own if you decide to use it.

Making a Fighter

Here's another great program made by the great folks at ASCII who made RPG Maker.  I have no experience with this either so you're on your own if you decide to use it.  I did try to use it and it was quite diffcult but I'm sure it's possible to get around that. The quality of the games made with it are amazing, they're just a little big in file size.