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Here's everything you'll need to know after you've become familiar with the program. Most of it you can figure out on your own so I'll leave this short so you can make you game original.

When you've got everything you need, (The program, the graphics, the music, etc.) it's time to start making your game. The first thing you'll need to decide is what the story is going to be. Every RPG needs a good story and you should devote some time to creating a good one first but make sure it's fluid so you can easily make alterations.

One thing I've found very useful when making an RPG is writing out a small outline on what will happen in your RPG. Try to keep it brief and focus on the major areas of the game like how many towns you'll be using and what the'll be like.

When you finally start programming the game take your time, I only work on my game for around 15-30 minutes a day so I'll always have a fresh mind when I'm working on it. Talking to people can help you think of new ideas and most of the time I find that people give me some great ideas of thier own.

Remember to take your time, don't focus on making a game quickly, just focus on making a good game.