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This page focuses on the statistics for Dragon Ball SS. Here is where I'll be posting the music I'll be using, as well as the list of characters, attacks, etc. If you want to know about something like who Goku will meet and what techniques he'll be using can all be found right here. This section won't be updated any more as Dragon Ball SS is finished but if you're interested on what the game is all about you can read it all right here.
Characters -
(I'm going to use the translated names of each character)
(The ones in green are playable)
1. Goku - The main character (of course)
2. Vegeta - Goku's rival but he'll be helping out Goku on this quest
3. Gohan - Goku's son in his adult form
4. Trunks - Vegeta's son from an alternate reality
5-8. The Super Saiyan form of each character above (Although something strange will happen to Gohan when he goes SS)
9. Frieza - As a playable character? Mabye. Helping out Goku and co? I don't think so.
10. Piccolo - If you can find him he'll be a great amount of help
11. Ginyu - The Captain and his force are going to be fighting in hell
12. Jeice - Ginyu second in command, but that's not saying a lot since they're both dead
13. Burtur - Butter, I mean Burtur will be there as well
14. Recoom - The big dope of the Ginyu force
15. Nappa - The newest member of the Ginyu Force
16. King Kai - He'll constantly pop up helping Goku
17. Tenshinhan - Goku's 3 eyed freind will be battling on Earth with some other guys
18. Krillen - Goku's oldest freind will be helping out Tenshinhan
19. Chou Zu - Tenshinhan's responsibilty but he can actually take care of himself
20. Yamcha - The desert bandit is right there with Krillen, Chou Zu, and Tenshinhan
21. Chi Chi - I think you'll like what she's going to be doing ;)

Techniques -
(All of these are going to be in their Japanese names and I'm only going to list the inportant ones)
1. Kamehameha - Goku's signature move. Quite a few other guys will also be using it
2. Kaioken - Only Goku can use this and it's a little tricky to get
3. Taiyoken (Solar Flare) - Lots of guys can use this big flash
4. Makkankoupusou (Special Beam Cannon) - Piccolo's signature move
5. Dodonpa - Chou Zu's move
6. Big Bang Attack - Vegeta's awesome move
7. Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb) - Goku and Kai only
8. Final Flash - Vegeta's other signature move
9. Helper - With this cool move you can actually call someone to come in and help, kind of like the GFs in Final Fantasy 8 except with Dragonball Characters
10. Ultimate Kamehameha - One powerful blast
11. Masenko - Gohan's best move

Items -
1. Kame Gi - Muten Roshi's Gi of choice worn by his students
2, Kaio Gi - King Kai's Gi of choice
3. Saiyan Armor - Any Saiyan would like this Oozaru proof uniform
4. Ginyu Armor - Worn only by Ginyu members
5. Senzu Beans - You should know what these do
6. Trunks' sword - 3 guesses on who uses this
7. The Dragonballs - If you don't know what these are you have to leave this site right NOW!
8. The Great Saiyaman Suit - Worn by you know who
9. Scouter - You don't need it to read power levels but it's still helpful
10. Namekian Cape - Piccolo's armor of choice. Only he and one special saiyan can wear it though.
11. Nyoi Bo - Goku's magical stick. It grows on his command.
12. Royal Hat - Worn by the princely Chou Zu

Music -
1. Opening theme is we gotta power
2. The original Drgonball theme was added
3. When you talk to Gohan you'll hear Cha La Head Cha La
4. No Will Power is the game over theme
5. The music you hear when you meet Trunks is the same music you hear when he goes Super Saiyan for the first time (in the original Japanese series)
6. Blue Velvet is the opening theme
7. When you finish the demo you'll hear Hitorijiyani and you'll also hear during your scenario selection in the full game