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This page focuses on the statistics for Dragon Ball Death of a God with what episode(s) it's in beside it. Here is where I'll be posting the music I'll be using, as well as the list of characters, attacks, etc. If you want to know about something like who will star in each game and what techniques they'll be using can all be found right here. This section won't be updated very much but feel free to read any stats posted. The newest items will be shown like this.

Characters -

(The ones in green are playable)

1. Piccolo - The star of the first game.  He'll be going at it solo for the most part but he'll later joined by the last person you'd                  expect to see him with.    (Appears in Episodes 1-2)

2. Shen Lon - The Dragon god of Earth will make a brief appearance.    (Appears in Episodes 1-3)

3. Kami - I coloured half his name because he's kind of playable.  You'll know what I mean when you play the game.
              (Appears in Episode 1)

4. North Kai - He'll pop-up from time to time to help out.    (Appears in Episodes 1, 6)

5. Piccolo - Again? Actually this Piccolo isn't from the same time as the Piccolo you control in the begining of the game but he's                  just as important.    (Appears in Episodes 1-2)

6.Goku - What's Dragon Ball without Goku?  Everyone's favorite Saiyan will appear with the second Piccolo.
             (Appears in Episodes 1-2)

7. Raditz - I'm only mentioning him.  He plays a very minor role and you won't be able to control him.    (Appears in Episodes 1-2)

8. ??? - The main villan who is shrouded in mystery.  What are his motives?  Where has he come from?  How powerful is he?             (Appears in Episodes 1-6)

9. Yamcha - He lends some help to the group.  (Appears in Episode 2)

10. Tenshinhan (Tien) - Everyone's favorite three eyed man     (Appears in Episode 2)

11. Chou Zu - Since when did Tien leave Chouz Zu behind?    (Appears in Episode 2)

12. Krillen - The bald headed best friend of Goku   (Appears in Episodes 2-5)

13. Gohan - One of the surviving memebers of the people on Earth     (Appears in Episodes 3-6)

14. Chi Chi - Anywhere little Gohan is, she's sure to follow.  Someone needs to make sure he studies    (Appears in Episodes 3, 6)

15. Vegeta - You won't believe what kind of role he's going to have    (Appears in Episodes 3-5)

16. Nappa - Ditto     (Appears in Episodes 3-4)

17. Freeza - His first real appearance is in the fourth episode, he has a cameo in the third    (Appears in Episode 3-5)

18. Guldo - The weakest member of the Ginyu Special Force      (Appears in Episode 3)

19. Kiwi - Vegeta's least favorite member of Freeza's forces      (Appears in Episode 3)

20. Jeice - The red-skined white-haired member of the Ginyu Force.      (Appears in Episodes 3-5)

21. Zarbon - Freeza's right hand man.  A pretty boy I'm sure people will enjoy smacking around.     (Appears in Episodes                    3-4)

22. Saibamen - Also known as the Cultivars these little guys are grown from the ground in seconds and are cheap                          fodder.            (Appears in Episode 3)

23. Dodoria - Freeza's left hand man and a bigger jerk then Zarbon (Appears in Episode 4)

24. Recoom - Another member of the Ginyu Force (Appears in Episode 4)

25. Nail - The fighting Namekian has a brief cameo (Appears in Episode 4)

26. Burtur - Another member of the Ginyu Force (Appears in Episode 5)

27. Captain Ginyu- The wonderful leader of the Special Ginyu Force (Appears in Episode 5)

28. Goten - Goku's other son (Appears in Episode 6)

29. Trunks - The son of Vegeta and Bulma, he and Goten are a little...wierd (Appears in Episode 6)

30. Cell - He'll be there for a short while (Appears in Episode 6)

31. Cell Jrs. - Cell likes to travel with his kids (Appears in Episode 6)

32. Majin Boo - Another well known DBZ character will be there as well (Appears in Episode 6)

33. Mr. Satan - Due to popular demand Mr. Satan will have a cameo in the sixth episode (Appears in Episode 6)

34. Puar - Everyone loves the little cat, right?  Okay, maybe not everyone (Appears in Episode 6)

35. Bulma - Cause every series needs a brainy bitch (Appears in Episode 6)

Techniques -
(All of these are going to be in their Japanese names and I'm only going to list the inportant ones)

1. Makkankoupusou (Special Beam Cannon) - Piccolo's signature move     (Appears in Episodes 1-2)

2. Kamehameha - Goku's specialty.    (Appears in Episodes 1-4, 6)

3. Power Up - Whoever uses it takes off for a turn to increase their power     (Appears in Episodes 2-6)

4. Several different Chi Attacks - Way too many to mention and they all do different things    (Appears in Episodes 2-6)

5. Taiyoken (Solar Flare) - The blinding attack created by Tenshinhan    (Appears in Episodes 2-6)

6. Kienzan (Destructo Disk) - Krillen's razor sharp Chi skill     (Appears in Episodes 3)

7. Power Sense - The ability to read your opponents power     (Appears in Episodes 3-6)

8. Galic Gun - Vegeta's power move     (Appears in Episodes 3-4, 6)

9. Rage - The one move Nappa will have that's all his own      (Appears in Episodes 3-4)

10. Various new techniques - From the mouth beam to fancy footwork, I added whole bunch of new moves bad guys can                                              use to kick your ass (Appears in Episodes 4-6)

11. Pose - Strike a Ginyu Force pose!    (Appears in Episode 5)

12. Masenko - Gohan's signature attack (Appears in Episode 6)

13. Transformation - Puar can transform into loads of characters (Appears in Episode 6)

Items -

1. Dragon Balls - What would a Dragon Ball game be without Dragon Balls?     (Appears in Episodes 1-2)

2. Namekian Cape & Cap - Piccolo's signature training clothes.     (Appears in Episodes 1-2)

3. Kame Gi - Goku's favorite uniform     (Appears in Episodes 1-2, 6)

4. Piccolo's Battle Gear - Piccolo's wieghtless clothing used in the more intense battles     (Appears in Episodes 1-2)

5. Saiyan Armor - Worn by Saiyans and anyone else who serves under Freeza     (Appears in Episodes 3-4)

6. Scouter - Worn to allow anyone to read power     (Appears in Episodes 3-4)

7. Freeza's Armor - Slightly different from the Saiyan armor as Freeza's higher ups where it like Zarbon and Dodoria and                               Freeza himself       (Appears in Episode 4)

Music -

1. The opening theme will be Cha La Head Cha La      (Appears in Episodes 1-4)

2. Makafushi Adventure is in there      (Appears in Episode 2)

3. The new opening theme starting the fifth episode is We Gotta Power    (Appears in Episode 5-6)